Tiny tim keeping my troubles to myself

Some of you may remember  Baylyblog  began  back on March 4, 2004 as a  World Magazine  blog titled “Out of Our Minds, Too.”  World’s  owner, Joel Belz, was a longtime family friend and I had worked with Joel and  World’s  editor and his wife, Marvin and Susan Olasky, in opposing gender neutered Bibles. So when Marvin called to suggest the blog, it seemed like a good fit and a good work.

The return rates eventually became so bad that Scott, Fisher, Sherwood, and many other well-known names were driven out of business, while the hallowed Marantz name was sold to the Tushinsky brothers (who owned the US distribution rights for Sony). I've talked to folks who owned hi-fi shops during this time, and some US-made transistor amps had a failure rate of more than 50% out of the box! Customers aren't exactly impressed with a sales demo that include sparks and a puff of smoke from a brand-new amplifier. (Don't think this is a problem of the bad old days. It wasn't that long ago I was sitting with the editor of a national audio magazine and his $15,000 transistor amplifier expired in a puff of smoke and took his $22,000 speakers along for the ride. I actually saw the tiny flash of light as the woofer voice-coil vaporized from 30 amps of DC offset. True story, folks.)

What follows are 17 questions that have dramatically changed my life. Each one is time-stamped, as they entered the picture at precise moments.

Tiny Tim Keeping My Troubles To MyselfTiny Tim Keeping My Troubles To MyselfTiny Tim Keeping My Troubles To MyselfTiny Tim Keeping My Troubles To Myself