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Doreen was only fifteen when the show stopped filming in June 1958. Though a lot of girls admired her, her greatest popularity was with the sort of guys who don't write fan letters. Consequently she was let go by the studio along with most other Mouseketeers. However, the end of her contract did not mean the end of her employment by Disney. She and several other Mouseketeers were hired from time to time for specific public appearances. She appeared on an episode of The Donna Reed Show in April 1959, then went to Australia in May 1959, on a tour arranged by Jimmie Dodd , independent of the studio. Without Annette or Darlene to overshadow her, she was wildly popular, and much sought-after by the Australian press.

Doreen attended John Burroughs High School in Burbank, then switched to the Hollywood Professional School for a semester, while also teaching beginning dance classes at her father's studio. She dated Roy Steiner, older brother of ex-mouse Ronnie Steiner , for a while, and also dated Lonnie Burr . Sometime in late 1959 she met Robert Washburn. They shared an interest in horseback riding and show business (he performed under the name Robert Allen). In an "exclusive" interview with 'Teen Magazine in 1962, Doreen said the wedding took place May 7, 1961, about a month after she turned eighteen. (In his book, Paul Petersen says Doreen married at age fifteen which seems very unlikely). In early 1962 she had a son, but about that time seperated from her husband, and by August was granted a divorce.

Singing was Doreen's career mainstay during the sixties. Though she didn't record, she was in demand for live performances on the teen nightclub circuit, doing both rock'n'roll and ballads. During 1962 she was a member of the 'Teen Magazine variety troupe, performing with Tommy Cole and the Addrisi Brothers, and mainly did solo gigs, including some at Ben Blue's nightclub in Beverly Hills, where she sang, danced, and did celebrity impersonations. She took on a songwriting job with Crown Records in 1963, while working part-time for a trust company and attending classes at Pierce College in-between performing jobs.

"I toured for the USO throughout Europe and the Orient from the fall of 1964 and the winter of 1967. Performed as an opening act for the Mills Brothers; Trini Lopez; George Goble; and Neal Sadaka at hotel cabarets, US embassies, Officer's and NCO's clubs. Spent a year entertaining the troops, in Viet Nam from 1968-1969. Note: Was brought in-country by the Lad Theatrical agency, and their agents/entertainers Violinist Pierre DuPont and Magician Johnny Aladdin (Originally Las Vegas Lounge performers). The agency operated under rules and by-laws of USO, and the US Command, which approved the booking of independent acts from Europe, USA and Australia. I arrived with a 16 piece band. Because the show was so large it because a security issue, and was advised to travel with less band members. My backup dwindled down to a compact 5 member band. (The Lad Agency made more money booking a smaller unit traveling outside of the major cities into the Viet Nam delta and the DMZ)."

Doreen's subsequent life is reputedly the most interesting (and harrowing) of all the Mouseketeers, but, with an unfortunate exception, is rarely visible in the public record. (The exception was an all too visible layout in the men's magazine Gallery during the late seventies.) Jerry Bowles, in his 1975 interview, captured some of this, but Doreen didn't seem to trust him completely. Paul Petersen, in his 1977 book , briefly described more of her experiences, but didn't provide details.

"I'm always listed as a publicist, and although this is an honorable profession, I've never have been a publicist! I worked in the recording industry as a Promotion Director. I got my training at Warner Brothers Records from 1972-1974, working for the Vice-President of Promotion, Bobby Greenberg.

I was one of the few women during the 1970s taking on promotional responsibilities. I pride myself for being part of the Warner Brothers team working on "breaking" Tower of Power, the Doobie Brothers, and Frank Sinatra's "Old Blue Eye's Is Back" to name just a few of the artists. The best achievement was getting Frank Zappa his first single hit: Don't You Go Where The Huskies Go, Don't You Eat That Yellow Snow! That was a challenge because Top Forty stations considered Frank an underground artist, not mainstream."

For a long time after the show Doreen had nothing to do with Disney or Mouseketeer reunions, except for the 25th Anniversary Show in 1980. That changed in the nineties, when she began making herself available for personal appearances, highlighted by her joint interview with other Mouseketeers on the Disney Treasures DVD in 2004. Doreen wrote an autobiography during the nineties, which she calls Confessions of a Mouseketeer . A small excerpt of this appeared in the NPR anthology I Thought My Father Was God (2001), and Doreen herself recorded it for broadcasting on NPR.

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"Crazy Arms" has been covered many times by performers both in country music and other genres. Some of the more notable names include Bing Crosby (for his 1965 album Bing Crosby Sings the Great Country Hits ), Chuck Berry , the Andrews Sisters , Gram Parsons , Patsy Cline , Waylon Jennings , Trini Lopez , Mickey Gilley , Great Speckled Bird , Willie Nelson , Patty Loveless , Jerry Lee Lewis , Marie Osmond and the Jerry Garcia Band . In addition, Price had a cameo role on a version recorded by Barbara Mandrell , on her 1990 album Morning Sun . Karen Chandler and Jimmy Wakely directly covered the Price version in 1956. In 2000 Van Morrison and Linda Gail Lewis performed the song on their album You Win Again . Linda Ronstadt recorded a cover for her 1971 album, Linda Ronstadt . Marty Stuart recorded an instrumental version with Mooney on his 2010 album Ghost Train: The Studio B Sessions . Also recently recording "Crazy Arms" was Chris Isaak on his CD 2 of "Beyond the Sun" collection.

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Trini Lopez Live At HollywoodTrini Lopez Live At HollywoodTrini Lopez Live At HollywoodTrini Lopez Live At Hollywood