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While the Rhythm & Blues series and the Solid Gold Soul series were not identical, they had a huge overlap, so are covered here together. Essentially, the Solid Gold Soul series was a reissue of the earlier Rhythm & Blues series with much more colorful artwork. Although there were CDs in each series that were not in the other, a vast majority of the CDs in Solid Gold Soul were exact reissues of the earlier Rhythm & Blues series.

The Rhythm and Blues series was a late 1980s-early 1990s subscription offering that concentrated on music from the R&B or soul charts. The series was successful, and eventually reached 24 volumes plus a budget 2-CD compilation, covering the early 1950s to the mid-1970s.

Starting around 1996, the volumes of the Rhythm and Blues series by year were reissued as the Solid Gold Soul series, with completely different artwork, even though the CDs inside were trackwise and sonically identical to the corresponding volume in the earlier Rhythm and Blues series. The new series used the R838- prefix instead of the old RHD- prefix. The Solid Gold Soul series did not include all the volumes in the Rhythm and Blues series, and later issued new volumes that weren't included with the older series, eventually reaching 31 volumes plus a budget box set and a special edition CD. In the late 1990s, Time-Life was selling both series side by side.

Direct-mail advertisement for the Solid Gold Soul subscription series featured an envelope that resembled an old concert poster.

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Garnett Mimms Truckin Company What It Is