Cavaliers its a beautiful game

Other Information about Cavaliers . Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club (CKCSC) USA. American Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Club, Inc.

The corps entered the world of field competition for the first time in 1950, adopting the name of Chicago Cavaliers and green as their main color. For competition, the corps learned more marching than parading down the street and a complete musical program. While many corps of the time had only their locale or their sponsor as the name of their corps, the youngsters in the Kaz-712 corps wanted a distinctive name, as had the Austin Grenadiers, one of Chicago's top corps of the day. When a new cigarette brand was introduced with much fanfare, the corps members' reaction was unanimous. They adopted the Cavalier name and the logo of the cigarette brand as the corps' logo (the "Standing Man" at the top of this page), they all ordered pins of the Cavalier logo from the cigarette company, and the K-712 corps became the Chicago Cavaliers. For entering field competition, new uniforms were needed that were cooler than the old wool ones in both style and practicality. The members designed the new uniforms with black pants, black shakos with white trim, a belt with a big silver buckle, and satin blouses in a unique color—chartreuse. The uniform maker informed them that, after a summer's wear, their sharp, chartreuse uniforms would be sun-bleached to pastel blandness, and he recommended that they chose a color that would last--- Kelly green. [4]

In the US, the dog should be registered with the AKC and/or the CKCSC, USA (original, parent club of the breed in the US). Beware of the illegitimate registries like the Rare Breed, Continental Kennel Club, FIC, North American Purebred Dog Registry, Krystle Kennel Club, Dog Registry of America, APR, or others (new ones are always cropping up). Usually these breeders are people who have lost CKCSC and/or AKC privileges or who do not qualify. In Canada, the dog should be registered with the Canadian Kennel Club and in England with The Kennel Club .

Cavaliers Its A Beautiful GameCavaliers Its A Beautiful GameCavaliers Its A Beautiful GameCavaliers Its A Beautiful Game