Various northern lights playhouse

Budget package option from £299 per person based on two sharing a standard twin room at 2* Hotel Cabin, including breakfast for 3 nights duration.

Iceland's vibrant capital
Venture inside Langjokull glacier
Explore the West Coast
Geothermal baths
Northern lights or midnight sun

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These can alert you to likely auroral displays, though – because of the difficulty in forecasting – they’re mainly useful while you’re in Shetland.

January is the best time to see the Northern Lights in the United Kingdom, and the odds improve the farther north you go. Wait for a clear night and find a view north along the Caithness coast or elsewhere in northern Scotland using AuroraWatch UK's forecast as a reference. Inverness, a two-hour drive from the northern coast, is a convenient entry point for visitors, given its variety of amenities and accommodation options starting at about $19 for hostels. Similar prices are available in the town of Thurso along the coast.

All our system come standard with dual zones expansion ability which allows owners to maximize their return by providing heat to multiple zones such as domestic hot water and a pool or a hot tub, or space heating in the winter and pool heating in the summer. Our solar tanks have dual heat exchanges built in. The bottom heat exchanger delivers the solar energy to the storage tanks and the top heat exchanger is used to move the heat energy to a secondary source such as infloor heating.

As I said before, it has to be dark to see the Northern Lights. That may mean you need to get out of the city to avoid light pollution. The Northern Lights are visible in cities like Reykjavik and Tromsø when they are at the strongest, but your best bet is to seek out spots in the Arctic countryside.

After breakfast you will meet your dog team and receive basic instruction in how to harness your team and handle the sleds. You will then load the sleds with the items you will need for your extended tour. In addition to personal packing, you will be taking sleeping bags, food (for humans and dogs!) and materials for the sleds and dog teams. After a final check it's time to head off to begin your dogsled tour, following your guide, who will lead the group.

Various Northern Lights PlayhouseVarious Northern Lights PlayhouseVarious Northern Lights PlayhouseVarious Northern Lights Playhouse