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Another important event is the week long carnival in Bouaké each March, a festivity attracting thousands of visitors.

Steve spent some of his time in his apartment as a 'peeping tom' viewing his attractive neighbor (Melanie Ratcliff) - he watched from afar on his balcony through her window. He was amazed on one occasion when she stepped out of her clothes and underwear, turned toward him totally nude, placed her hands on her hips, and smiled back at him. He also briefly hooked up with shallow, fellow news anchor Victoria Riolobos (Alana de la Garza), who complained - coming out of his bathroom, that she had to leave because he had no teeth whitening trays.

1. Chunk Up In Problem Situations (Permanent, Pervasive Explanatory Style)
Imagine the situation where a person fails to get a job they apply for. The person with a permanent, pervasive explanatory style might say "No-one would employ me." Or "Why do I always do something wrong?". The person with a temporary, specific explanatory style might say instead "The panel didn't understand how skilled I was in that area." Or "I hadn't allowed myself the time to prepare well enough for the interview." The person who gets depressed uses a permanent pervasive explanatory style dealing with problems. Since they mainly think about problems, this means they specialise in chunking up, and linguistically in the use of universal quantifiers. Note that the aim of therapy is not to have the person believe that "everything" is wonderful. Trying to "cheer up" a depressed person in this way leaves them vulnerable to the same style of thinking that caused their problem. The depressed person frequently chunks up in their goals for therapy as well, setting unrealistic outcomes for permanent, endless happiness (Yapko, 1992, p 11). The aim of successful therapy is to teach the person to make more distinctions about what has happened and what could happen specifically.

There was death by Pressing – the victim would have a large plank placed over their body to which weight would steadily be added to. This would lead to broken bones and eventually suffocation. Pressing was another great way to torture a person.

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