Various bali court music and banjar music

Firstly, a cloth is washed, soaked and beaten with a large mallet. Patterns are drawn with pencil and later redrawn using hot wax, usually made from a mixture of paraffin or beeswax , sometimes mixed with plant resins, which functions as a dye-resist. The wax can be applied with a variety of tools. A pen-like instrument called a canting ( Javanese pronunciation:  [tʃantiŋ] , sometimes spelled with old Dutch orthography tjanting ) is the most common. A tjanting is made from a small copper reservoir with a spout on a wooden handle. The reservoir holds the resist which flows through the spout, creating dots and lines as it moves. For larger patterns, a stiff brush may be used. [18] Alternatively, a copper block stamp called a cap ( Javanese pronunciation:  [tʃap] ; old spelling tjap ) is used to cover large areas more efficiently. [19]

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The varieties are generally grouped geographically, with the principal division between the styles favored by the Balinese , Javanese , and Sundanese peoples. The Madurese also had their own style of gamelan, although it is no longer in use, and the last orchestra is kept at the Sumenep palace. [12] One important style of Sundanese gamelan is Gamelan Degung , which uses a subset of gamelan instruments with a particular mode of pelog scale. Balinese gamelan is often associated with the virtuosity and rapid changes of tempo and dynamics of Gamelan gong kebyar , its best-known style. Other popular Balinese styles include Kecak , a theatrical dance and music form also known as the "monkey chant." Javanese gamelan, largely dominated by the courts of the 19th century central Javanese rulers, each with its own style, is known for a slower, more meditative quality than the gamelan music of Bali. Javanese gamelan can be made from iron or brass; instruments made of cast bronze are considered the best quality.

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Both Muslim and civil marriages are legal in Malaysia , but first you have to sign a declaration that there are no legal obstacles to your marriage. You have to be in the country for seven days before you can give 21 days' notice of your intention to marry. You can get married at a registrar office, or during a religious ceremony where the church or temple official is an appointed assistant registrar.

One of the things to do in Indonesia is eating. The food is varied and generally quite tasty (not to mention very spicy!). White sticky rice and tofu or tempeh accompany almost every meal. My favorite thing to eat was by far gado gado , a salad made with bean sprouts, cabbage, tempeh and tofu, boiled eggs and seasoned with a delicious and mildly spicy peanut dressing. Chicken satay (skewers of chicken meat grilled and accompanied with peanut sauce) is delicious. I also enjoyed nasi goreng , a dish of rice fried with vegetables, chicken, shrimps and served with a fried egg on top.

•Pura Luhur Batukaru is a Hindu temple located on the southern slope of Mount Batukaru, Bali’s second-highest volcano. This was the state of the ancestral temple of Tabanan court and each shrine represents a different dynastic ancestor. This temple is one of the nine axial temples sacred to all Hindu Balinese and meant to protect Bali from evil spirits. Standing in front of the newly restored gates, it may take a moment to appreciate this most ancient and sacred site.

Various Bali Court Music And Banjar MusicVarious Bali Court Music And Banjar MusicVarious Bali Court Music And Banjar MusicVarious Bali Court Music And Banjar Music