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The Pantsyr-S1 fire control system includes a target acquisition radar and dual waveband tracking radar, which operates in the millimetre and centimetre waveband. Detection range is 30km and tracking range is 24km for a 2cm² to 3cm² target. This radar tracks both targets and the surface-to-air missile while in flight.

The editorial accused the US of damaging mutual trust and increasing regional tensions, and warned South Korea that agreeing to deploy the THAAD system to serve the US “Asia rebalance” strategy was like inviting a wolf into the house, and would harm themselves.

Anti -Drone is an integrated anti -UAV defence system based on the best anti -UAV technologies to detect drones and intercept drones

Moscow is concerned about a system that could shoot down Russian missiles—while the . insists the system is really meant to watch over the Middle East.

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Anti System Defence Of The Realm EPAnti System Defence Of The Realm EPAnti System Defence Of The Realm EPAnti System Defence Of The Realm EP