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As a conifer, this plant does not produce flowers, but rather makes cones. Mature plants produce erect, cylindrical male-gendered cones in autumn that are light brown in color and shed pollen. On other branches on the same plant, more oval or barrel-shaped female cones appear and receive the pollen. The green female cones then ripen over two years and become brown, then break apart to release the seeds to the ground below.

Take your potted plant outdoors in the summer. Potted plants enjoy outdoor settings during the warm, summer months, provided they return indoors before the temperatures drop in the fall and winter. Provide protection from wind when placing dwarf orange trees outside. Due to their small root systems, dwarf orange trees become top-heavy, creating an unstable tree in windy conditions. Avoid wind damage by tying strong twine between the lower trunk of your dwarf orange tree and wooden tree stakes placed in the ground.

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