Various birth defects

The researchers performed ultrasounds on 42 women who had a Zika infection and 16 women who did not have a Zika infection. (A number of women in the study who tested positive for Zika did not agree to have ultrasounds, Nielsen-Saines said and, in some of those cases, were due to women not wanting to know whether the fetuses they were carrying potentially had health problems.)

This is a closed group designed to bring together parents who have filled out the National Birth Defect Registry so they have a place to discuss their child’s conditions. Click to Join .

The illustration shows a cross-section of a healthy heart and its inside structures. The blue arrow shows the direction in which oxygen-poor blood flows from the body to the lungs. The red arrow shows the direction in which oxygen-rich blood flows from the lungs to the rest of the body.

A screening test will help identify the possibility of Down syndrome. Screening tests do not provide conclusive answers, but rather, they provide an indication of the likelihood of the baby having Down syndrome. An abnormal test result does not mean that your baby has Down syndrome.

As the oxygen is used by the body, the blood becomes darker and returns to the heart by the veins where the process begins all over again.

Some states don't track birth defects, so the CDC's latest statistics are national estimates. Data came from 11 states: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas, and Utah.

Congenital anomalies of the kidney and urinary tract (CAKUT) include renal parenchyma, kidneys, and urinary collecting system. [17]

"I'm excited by this research because it opens up a lot of questions about how physiologic processes in the mother may be related to congenital heart disease," Priest said. "Most of the time we don't have any idea what causes a baby's heart defect. I aim to change that."

If your child is born with a birth defect that has been caused due to the use of Zoloft, you will typically be eligible to file a lawsuit against the drug manufacturers and claim compensation for the expenses incurred during treatment. You should therefore discuss your options with a lawyer who particularly handles Zoloft birth defect lawsuits.

Various Birth DefectsVarious Birth DefectsVarious Birth DefectsVarious Birth Defects