Rolling stones shes a rainbow

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 · Like a Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan song meaning, lyric interpretation, video and chart position

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At the dawn of the Eighties, the music world was full of young post-punk bands trying to fuse rock energy with disco momentum – but it took the Stones to get it right like this. "She's So Cold" cruises on that undeniable rhythm section, with scruffy guitars battling it out on top. Like so many of the cuts on Emotional Rescue , it's a deceptively breezy mix of the blues and contemporary dance music. "There's a lot of pastiche all over the album," Jagger explained at the time. "It's all our piss-taking, in other words. 'Pastiche' is just a big word for it."

Rolling Stones Shes A RainbowRolling Stones Shes A RainbowRolling Stones Shes A RainbowRolling Stones Shes A Rainbow