Cheryl glasgow glued to the spot

The salon she visited in Gloucester specialised in these kinds of extensions and Louise was excited as she lay back waiting for the therapist to work her magic.

Fiendish, I don’t think this would constitute ‘unfit for purpose’ under the definition of Sale of Goods. Lots of items with brushed steel do give off static, which isn’t unacceptable. Although if there are safety risks due to electric shock, S14 may still apply. With anything, it’s always best to raise the issue as soon as it becomes an issue, to prevent the supplier from claiming wear and tear. You must send the item back to the supplier for assessment, and if found to be faulty they will repair, or replace if a repair is impossible. If they replace, they do not have to give you a new laptop, to take account of the use you’ve already had.

Cheryl Glasgow Glued To The Spot