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 · Britney Spears launches her new fragrance named Island Fantasy in April 2013. The fragrance belongs to the popular line of sweet perfumes. The line incl...

I was given this by my Aunt and I tried to like it but I just couldn't. It's much more of a fragrance for colder days, but even on a colder day, and I try to wear this, I just absolutely hate it! It smells so cheap to me, like teenage body sprays or cheap drugstore cologne. It's smells so artificial and I smell so much alcohol in it. I received the eau de toilette from my aunt as well as those little glass tube things that VS came out with that you can easily pop in your handbag. The EDT I gave away to a friend and the handbag friendly one I gave away to my mom. Oh, I remember one day my boyfriend said that he was wearing one of my perfumes and asked me to guess. I said I couldn't figure out which one even though I am really good at guessing perfumes. A person can walk by me and I can easily identify their perfume with just a whiff. This thing smelled totally different on my boyfriend, like something fresh and a little masculine. Little did I know it was this. I was awestruck. Nevertheless I still gave it away. Horrid! Absolutely smells cheap!

Jullan PulseJullan Pulse