Demon one helluva night

Past Winners:
2012 - Rick Springfield
2011 - Eric Martin
2010 - Marcie Free
2009 - John Elefante
2008 - Arnel Pineda
2007 - Mike Reno
2006 - Pekka Ansio Heino
2005 - Jorn Lande
2004 - Jeff Scott Soto
2003 - Harry Hess.

As we stood at the first hole, a close Fairfield friend, Tommy Kerwin, boldly stepped forward—not to grab his Big Bertha, but to take a courageous swipe at Alzheimer’s. Tommy announced that he, too, had just been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s after a battery of tests and scans at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. You could hear a tee drop, but no one walked off the course, as we had in the dorm room that night in 1969. We stood as one, knowing that Alzheimer’s will deeply impact the lives and families of all of us, and far more to come. Alzheimer’s is a lottery of sorts. While relentlessly impacting women, African Americans, and Hispanics, the disease respects no demographic, no gender, no race, religion, personal preference, or political party. If there ever were a bipartisan issue to stand on today, it is for a cure for Alzheimer’s, to drive a knife through this demon. We are all at risk.

I enjoy a more realistic view in anime where it's not just the bad guys who die. In this vein, I like Fate/Stay Night, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Gantz, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Wolf's Rain and blassreiter.

“Proceed,” the voice said, and I knew it was the Gunny himself. No other enlisted person in the company would likely use that word.

All wheeled vehicles will provide safe, enjoyable transportation and recreation when used and maintained properly. Like bicycling, skateboarding and inline skating, riding can be dangerous even under the best of circumstances. We do not want you to get hurt. Please follow all safety rules and operating instructions.

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Demon One Helluva NightDemon One Helluva NightDemon One Helluva NightDemon One Helluva Night