The sex pistols submission

"Well, no they weren’t, not all of them. They were schoolboys, schoolgirls, they were people who worked for the Manchester Dock company, they were plasterers from Denton. A lot of them were ordinary people."

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Rolling Stone ranked "God Save the Queen" number 175 on its list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time [9] and it is also one of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 's 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll. [10] It was Sounds magazine's Single of the Year in 1977. [11] In 1989, it was eighteenth in the list of NME writers' all-time top 150 singles. [12] Q magazine in 2002 ranked it first on its list of "The 50 Most Exciting Tunes Ever..." [13] and third on its list of "100 Songs That Changed The World" in 2003. [14] In 2007, NME launched a campaign to get the song to number 1 in the British charts and encouraged readers to purchase or download the single on 8 October. However, it only made number 42. In 2010, the New Statesman listed it as one of the "Top 20 Political Songs". [15]

Watch videos & listen free to Sex Pistols : Anarchy in the ., God Save the Queen & more. Sex Pistols are a punk rock band that formed in London, England, United ...

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The Sex Pistols SubmissionThe Sex Pistols SubmissionThe Sex Pistols SubmissionThe Sex Pistols Submission