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Cooper and his three old mates – Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith – will open each show with a seven- or eight-song set of their biggies prior to Cooper’s current band’s set.

Father Christmas will be paying a visit to the old Bakehouse which has been transformed into a winter wonderland. Journey through Gwrych Castle grounds before meeting Father Christmas in his tower grotto. You are welcome to take as many photographs with Father Christmas as you wish. As children wait to meet him they’ll write their letter to him and post it in his North Pole post box at the castle. Each child will take home a special gift from Father Christmas himself.


English singer-songwriter Ralph McTell has been an influential figure on the UK folk music scene since the sixties. Albert toured with the Everly Brothers in the eighties, for which Ralph played as support.

22/12/2017 Added To Put Up With You - Paul Williams (F) Co-written by Williams, this song was covered by several bands before he got around to releasing it on his first album, Someday Man. I've always loved it...hope someone else does, too! 20/11/2017 Added Hard Headed Woman - Cat Stevens (F) The Cat is going to be in our town next weekend. Here's a consolation prize if you didn't get a ticket. Take care with that tricky timing! 17/11/2017 Added My Roots Go Down - Sarah Pirtle (C) A request from Karen, who wants to play along with her kindergarten class as they sing this very charming song 6/11/2017 Added Mona Lisa And Mad Hatters - Elton John (C) Earworm caused by watching Almost Famous on the weekend. From Honky Chateau, 1972 29/9/2017 Added Signs - Five Man Electrical Band (D) New upload for this one 28/9/2017 Added Before The Next Teardrop Falls - Freddie Fender (G) Polish up your Spanish and get your Tex-Mex on! Thanks for the suggestion, Gaenor. 28/9/2017 Added Shooting Star - Bad Company (A) Let this be a warning to you, all you aspiring rock and roll ukers out there..... 3/8/2017 Added Already Home - Alex The Astronaut (C) My friend Andrew keeps playing this on his radio show and it has seeped into my head....a gentle, plaintive slice-of-life song. 2/8/2017 Added Dead End Street - Kinks (Am) Thanks to the Adelaide Hills Ukulele Group for suggesting this one. What are we living for? Playing uke a whole lot more! 31/7/2017 Added Seven Nation Army - White Stripes (Dm) Fell in love with the bass line of this song on the weekend. Practise your power chords yet again in the chorus! 5/7/2017 Added I Can Help - Billy Swan (C) Get to know your relative minors! I haven't tabbed the solo - if you're good enough to play it, you're good enough to work it out yourself. Put in as many faux endings as you like! 3/7/2017 Added The Long And Winding Road - Beatles (C) Suggested on the FB page, and here it is. I've included some progressions that attempt to capture the strings in the original. Link is to a demo tape (Beatles originals aren't available on Youtube 28/6/2017 Added Handy Man - James Taylor (D) Not the original but this version gets the nod for the romantic arrangement. Good for practising passing chords - just one strum at the end of the line to lead into the next chord, reflecting the bass notes. 23/6/2017 Added I've Been A Bad Bad Boy - Paul Jones (D) Hey all you straighty 180 ukers out there - you have my permission to sing this song, but you must have a cheeky smile on your face and your tongue in your cheek...just like me.... 20/6/2017 Added Tired Of Waiting For You - Kinks (G) The site needs more Kinks! Here's a start. 6/6/2017 Added The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face - Roberta Flack (C) Written by Ewan MacColl for Peggy Seeger, but this is the best known version. Good luck with the timing of the meaningful pauses! 22/5/2017 Added Back To Black - Amy Winehouse (Dm) Can the uke make any song sound happy? Not this one. Don't even try. Make it dark. 11/5/2017 Added Here We Go - Jon Brion (Am) Here's a very pretty song I hadn't heard before - thanks Matt for introducing me to it. Shades of John Lennon in the voice. From the Punch Drunk Love soundtrack. 3/5/2017 Added This Whole World - Beach Boys (C) I hope that someone, somewhere has harboured a dream to play this song from the Sunflower album. 19 different chords in two minutes of Brian Wilson magic. 1/5/2017 Added Heroes - David Bowie (D) Thanks for suggesting this one, KK. Just listening to you right now on 3D. 24/4/2017 Added All The Young Dudes - Mott The Hoople (D) Heard this while on a road trip last weekend. Written for the band by David Bowie. 21/4/2017 Added Lazy Sunday - Small Faces (G) Steve Marriot and the gang didn't want to release this song, but I'm glad they did! I've had to drop it back a tone to be able to sing it, and it's still quite a stretch. Don't forget your faux cockney accent 7/4/2017 Added Blackberry Way - Move (Am) Here's a cracker! There's a fair bit going on here....17 attention now..... 22/3/2017 Added City Of Stars - La La Land (Dm) A request from my Intermediate Uke class...they'll be learning it tomorrow night. Lucky I learnt it today! There are two versions of this song around - this is for the version without a key change. 8/3/2017 Added Julia - Pavlov's Dog (Am) My Uni flat mate Kelly loved this song, so I got to hear it quite often! Where are you now, Kels? Holding a uke, looking at this and saying "So it's THAT Richard G"? 2/3/2017 Added Is This Love - Alison Moyet (A) Get your shoulder pads and big hair out for this one. Thanks Soda Pop! 23/1/2017 Added Where Is The Love V2 - Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway (D) So I do this song.....and then find out I've done it already! There are some different chord voicings. I think I prefer this version, so up it goes. 13/1/2017 Added Four Seasons In One Day - Crowded House (G) I've been in Melbourne quite a lot lately....reminded me of this song..... 10/1/2017 Added Trace The Sun - The Dunes (F) Here's one from a local Adelaide band. Dreamy psychedelic pop at its best. Hear it here https:///track/trace-the-sun 26/12/2016 Fixed Bus Stop - Hollies (Dm) 23/12/2016 Added Merry Christmas [I Don't Want To Fight Tonight] - Ramones (C) Here's a lesser known gem for the season, brought to my attention by the wonderful platter spinners at 3D Radio 19/12/2016 Added Christmas Vacation - Mavis Staples (F) Theme song from one of the best Christmas movies that turkey scene!! 16/12/2016 Added Here Comes Santa In a Red Canoe - The Surfers [Christmas] (F) Here's a bit of class for the season. Remember, all Christmas songs are tagged and will come up when you put "Christmas" in Steve's magic song search thingy. 5/12/2016 Added Dancing In The Dark - Bruce Springsteen (G) Heard a busker playing this yesterday when I was out and about with my muse. Not sure why it isn't in the songbook already! 16/11/2016 Added I Can't Forget - Leonard Cohen (F) Belated, I know. His songs will live on - as he says in this one, the summer's gone but a lot goes on for ever. 14/11/2016 Added Tight Rope - Leon Russell (Dm) Leon's left us too. Here's his first solo hit. Play it with the odd stops, play it straight....or just play it for Leon. 12/10/2016 Added You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet - Bachman Turner Overdrive (A) Brian caught me in a weak moment! Get your power chord thang a' happenin' with BTO's finest. 30/9/2016 Added Maggie May - Rod Stewart (D) I can't leave it any later in September to post this one. Turns out I did a draft of MM six years ago but didn't get around to putting it up. Better late than never. 28/9/2016 Added Against The Wind - Bob Seger (G) Bit stormy in my home town - a good song for the day. Even the most loyal fans of this tune will be pleased to know that I have trimmed the longest outro in the history of pop music. Enough already, Bob! 14/9/2016 Added Static On The Radio - Jim White (Gm) All hail Stu, who uses this captivating song as the theme for his show Four Larks and a Wren on 3D Radio Adelaide 14/9/2016 Added In The Summertime - Mungo Jerry (C) Brrr! Summer has to arrive here soon! 7/9/2016 Added Ex's and Oh's - Elle King (Em) I don't agree with her use of apostrophes, but Elle puts out a catchy song well suited to uke. Thanks to Wendy for suggesting this one. 24/8/2016 Added San Franciscan Nights - Animals (C) Just went to play this song and found a glitch in the sheet - now corrected. 3/8/2016 Added Blue Spanish Sky - Chris Isaak (Am) This one, Meggy? Working through the list! 2/8/2016 Added Blue Hotel - Chris Isaak (Am) For Meggy Minx...sorry this has taken a while, Meggsy xx 2/8/2016 Added Higher and Higher - Jackie Wilson (D) Just think how good this will sound on a Duke banjo uke!! Lots of fun with three chords. 4/7/2016 Added Everlasting Love - Love Affair (D) "How about everlasting love?" she says. "OK by me, I guess", says I. "The song, I mean" she says. Here it is, MDG - your wish is still my command xx 2/7/2016 Added Paper Tiger - Sue Thompson (D) Definition of CATCHY: A chorus that sits in your head for 51 years and then pops out and forces you to get the whole song down. So here it is. Might change the lyrics to Paper Cougar when I sing it...... 23/6/2016 Added Peaceful Easy Feeling - Eagles (F) Heard this song when out and about the other week. Started to yawn, and after I woke up realised that I knew the song. Handy to keep on hand as a substitute for counting sheep. Kinda cute, though! 20/6/2016 Added Fairytale - Pointer Sisters (G) Have always loved the pedal steel intro for this song - until the pedal steel uke is invented you'll have to make do with my substitute tab. Country with a capital C!!! 16/6/2016 Added Everybody Loves A Clown - Gary Lewis and the Playboys (C) For Marguerite. A short song, but there is plenty going on here, even without the key change. Jerry's boy done good. 13/6/2016 Added So You Want To Be A Rock and Roll Star - Byrds (F) Heard friends playing this tonight and remembered how good a song it is. Transposed down from the original key so that it can be sung by mere mortals. 13/6/2016 Added Ride Captain Ride - Blues Image (A) I'll have no disrespect for one hit wonders around here, folks - they've had one more hit than pretty much all of the rest of us. 13/6/2016 Added Any Time At All - Beatles (C) I've finally done it - chorded out a song that is already on the site. This version has a tab and better chords for the solo. Ditch the old version...I have. 13/6/2016 Added I Just Want To Celebrate - Rare Earth (D) This one is for Carol. Funk it up with Rare Earth...gotta get that quick D7-Gsus4-D7 change happening. Instructions included. 27/5/2016 Added Suddenly You Love Me - Tremeloes (G) Now there's a surprise - I have had this earworm in my brain for many years but did not know until today that the Tremeloes were responsible for it! Ripped off from an Italian original, I see..... 26/5/2016 Added Caroline No - Beach Boys (C) Really Brian and the Wrecking Crew, not the BBs. Brian released this song as a single before Pet Sounds. This is the original key - it was engineered up a semitone. Provide your own train and dog noises! 12/5/2016 Added Arizona - Mark Lindsay (D) Track 2 Side 2 20 Dynamic Hits circa 1970. Maybe you had to be 15 at the time to appreciate it. Worth playing for the Bbmaj7 alone! 11/5/2016 Added What Am I Doing Hangin' Round - Monkees (Bb) More Monkees! You'll just have to put up with it, I'm afraid. This song goes in some interesting directions. Tried several keys but can't improve on the original, Bb...don't be scared off, now 9/5/2016 Added Ashes To Ashes - David Bowie (G) Heard this while out and about the other day....had to get it down. 8/5/2016 Added The Unguarded Moment - Church (C) My bro John came to visit and suggested this song...a cracker! 3/5/2016 Added Tapioca Tundra - Monkees (A) Another fairly obscure Monkees track, written by Mike N with more than a nod to old timey vaudeville. I think I can hear 5 foot 2 in there somewhere. 2/5/2016 Added You Just May Be The One - Monkees (A) Based on the version recorded/sung by the lads on Headquarters. Some tricky phrasing here - I'm lucky to have a very good Monkees coach! 29/4/2016 Added Don't Change - INXS (G) Finally! For my muse....and more. Hmm....I did change a few things, didn't I?

(*) Louis Armstrong’s “What a wonderful world” and “Cabaret” were released in October 1967 and two sides of the same single. In the subsequent months both tracks received airplay, resulting in a chart entry for “What a wonderful world” on February 7th 1968. A week later “Cabaret” also entered the charts.

Chris Farlowe 14 Things To Think AboutChris Farlowe 14 Things To Think AboutChris Farlowe 14 Things To Think AboutChris Farlowe 14 Things To Think About