Spectral display too much like me

What we thought was an analytical chemistry project suddenly became a photonics project.  I had never even heard of photonics at that point. So, we had little or no expertise to complete a project upon which our very jobs depended , and luckily we didn’t know that conventional wisdom advised that such a thing was not possible

This release contains two MS/MS libraries (nist_msms and nist_msms2), one for small molecules, di and tri peptides and the other for commercially available peptides. It has 652,475 spectra of 123,881 ions of 15,243 different compounds including 1,436 biologically-relevant peptides. See NIST MS/MS for details on the MS/MS library.

The fact that the Harvard classification of a star indicated its surface or photospheric temperature (or more precisely, its effective temperature ) was not fully understood until after its development, though by the time the first Hertzsprung–Russell diagram was formulated (by 1914), this was generally suspected to be true. [12] In the 1920s, the Bengali physicist Meghnad Saha derived a theory of ionization by extending well-known ideas in physical chemistry pertaining to the dissociation of molecules to the ionization of atoms. First he applied it to the solar chromosphere, then to stellar spectra. [13]

The LS-160 (successor to the LS-110) is highly accurate luminance meter that uses a newly designed sensor with a spectral response that more closely matches the V(λ) spectral luminous efficiency function of the human eye to provide measurement results that … Continue reading →

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Spectral Display Too Much Like MeSpectral Display Too Much Like MeSpectral Display Too Much Like MeSpectral Display Too Much Like Me