Various urban classics

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Released in 2002, Atlantic's misleadingly titled Big Beat series has little to do with the form of rock-aggressive dance music popularized by the Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim , and much more to do with other forms of popular club music, whether it's mainstream house or upbeat R&B and hip-hop. Big Beat: Urban Classics includes Nubian Crackers ' "Two for the Time," Double XX Posse 's "Not Gonna Be Able to Do It," Junior . 's "Players Anthem," Dawn Penn 's "You Don't Love Me," Many Fazes' "I'm Hip," Inner Circle 's "Bad Boys," and ten other club favorites. This is a decent, albeit random, sampling -- and obviously, it's only necessary for those who are looking for a handful of these tracks in one spot.

Over the years, many misconceptions and urban legends have sprung up within Transformers fandom , often resulting from such factors as fuzzy childhood memories, inaccurate catalog illustrations, and mistranslations of foreign material.

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Various Urban ClassicsVarious Urban ClassicsVarious Urban ClassicsVarious Urban Classics