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22nd July 2016
XTC – English Settlement (deluxe vinyl reissue)
Aphex Twin – Cheetah
Urban Sax – 1 + 2
Simple Minds – New Gold Dream (box set)
Michael Mantler – The Hapless Child
George Duke – The Era Will Prevail (box set)
Chicago – Quadio (box set)
Ornette Coleman – Chapaqqua Suite
Ora – Amalgam
Annette Peacock – I’m the One

Frith composed a number of the band's notable pieces, including "Nirvana for Mice" and "Ruins". While guitar was his principal instrument, he also played violin (drawing on his classical training), bass guitar, piano, and xylophone.

While Hutchings continued to pursue other projects he revived the Albion Band in an acoustic format for seasonal tours in 2005, allowing them to play smaller venues which could usually be easily filled. The line-up is based around Simon Nicol, Kellie While and multi-instrumentalist Simon Care. [11] The results have been three further seasonal albums: An Albion Christmas (2005), Winter Songs (2006), and Snow on Snow (2008). A fourth album Traditional (2009) is a compilation of tracks from the preceding three which excludes spoken word recordings.

Pharaoh Sanders, Gary Bartz, Peter Brotzmann, Roscoe Mitchell and Bennie Maupin (70), Arthur Bythe, Hamiet Bluiett, Wilton Felder, Joe McPhee, Charles McPherson, Carlos Ward,Paul Winter and Lew Tabakin (71), Odean Pope,Zibigniew Namyslowski, Charles Gayle, Sonny Fortune and
George Braith (72) James Spaulding, Charles Lloyd, Carlos Garnett, Joseph Jarman (73),
Archie Shepp, Nathan Davis, Frank Strozier, Jim Galloway and Nick Brignola (74) Klaus Doldinger, John Tchicai, Gary N. Foster, Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre and Don Menza (75), Giuseppi Logan, Jimmy Woods, Houston Person, George Coleman and Bunky Green (76), Lanny Morgan, Gato Barbieri and Wayne Shorter (77) Lol Coxhill,Sadao Watanabe, Charlie Davis and John Handy III (78) Phil Woods, Bill Perkins and Plas Johnson Jr. (79) Sonny Rollins (80), Ornette Coleman and Gabe Baltazar (81),Joe Temperley, Harold Ousley, Herb Geller, Frank Foster and Benny Golson (82) Lee Konitz (83), Big Jay McNeeley, Med Flory, Dick Hafer, Lou Donaldson, Jimmy Heath and Red Holloway (84), Marshall Allen ,Sam Rivers, Hal McKusick and Earle"Von"Freeman (87), Frank Wess (89), Yusef Lateef (90), Harold Joseph "Hal""Cornbread" Singer (91) .

F/I: Space Mantra  (Sorcerer) LP
Sorcerer Records present a reissue of F/i’s Space Mantra, originally released on RRRecords in 1988. First time on vinyl for nearly 30 years for this classic slice of American space rock. Milwaukee’s F/i have been an ongoing concern since 1981, pioneering a certain brand of experimental rock which encompasses elements of industrial and psychedelic space-rock sounds. Originally a purely electronic outfit heavily influenced by Throbbing Gristle and prolific in the underground tape scene, they made the transition to “rock band” in the mid ’80s, and for many, 1988’s Space Mantra LP remains the high point. With fuzzed guitars, metronomic rhythms, swirling synths, and occasionally bucolic forays into blissful acoustics, it’s a masterful take on cosmic music during the Reagan years. It was previously only ever released on LP once by the famed RRRecords label. RIYL: Hawkwind, Amon Düül, Causa Sui, Cluster. Edition of 500.

Lol Coxhill Pierre Courbois Jasper Vant Hof Toverbal SweetLol Coxhill Pierre Courbois Jasper Vant Hof Toverbal SweetLol Coxhill Pierre Courbois Jasper Vant Hof Toverbal SweetLol Coxhill Pierre Courbois Jasper Vant Hof Toverbal Sweet