John foxx in mysterious ways

One interesting feature of this reissue, is Foxx's decision to replace the upbeat “This Side of Paradise” with a more fitting ballad, “Spin Away”, which was recorded at the time but not released. Perhaps a 20-year nagging in the back of the artist’s mind led to this decision, but now with the romantic “Spin Away” in position, there’s a sense of finality to this edition of In Mysterious Ways.

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"I'm glad that those devices have become available now because more people can experiment with those kinds of perspectives. It's always been possible, of course - if you were clever enough to use microphones, room ambience and echoes, you could always create an illusion of perspective in past recordings - it's just that the new devices make it sound so much more convincing. It's certainly worth developing your skill at creating depth and perspective like that because it literally takes your recordings into another dimension, which is exactly what the AMS did for me."

Being a former art student, it's hardly surprising John Foxx takes an interest in perspective. After all, both in painting and in sound, perspective is what adds realism and breathes life into an otherwise two dimensional imitation. And that interest, for John, was stimulated by listening to the adventurous work being done in the early seventies by Roxy Music.

"Chris Thomas' production work with Roxy was always wonderful in terms of unusual perspectives. At that time they were ahead of everyone else in their field. There was simply no-one else, for me, who attempted the same complexity in their recordings. Bowie was good, but never quite as sophisticated as Roxy Music."

AMS Audiofile: Is this the future of recording?

John Foxx In Mysterious WaysJohn Foxx In Mysterious WaysJohn Foxx In Mysterious WaysJohn Foxx In Mysterious Ways